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My transcriptions of Spanish / Latin guitar music (gp4 files)

  El Vito (F.G. Lorca / arr. Paco de Lucía, Ricardo Modrego, Jose Torregrosa), 2 guitars

  Llanto a Cádiz (Paco de Lucía)

  Recuerdo a Patiño (Paco de Lucía)

  Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros (arr. Paco de Lucía, Ricardo Modrego), 2 guitars

  Percusion Flamenca (Paco de Lucía)

  Punta del Faro (Paco de Lucía)

  Zyryab (Paco de Lucía)

  Serenata (Niño Ricardo)

  Amanecer en la Vega (Paco Serrano)

Other guitar arrangements
  смотреть видео You should see me in a crown (Billie Eilish)

  смотреть видео The last evening (A.Shelygin)

Notes of Romanian/Moldavian music (muzica lãutãreascã)

  Geamparale din Moldova
transcribbed from here здесь, played with fluier

  Hora Mare
triplets are closer to eighth + 2 sixteenths

Notes of Irish tunes

  Monaghan Jig
transcribbed from this playing. In other notes (here, "Sheetmusic") there are four parts but there are only three parts on this video.

  Si Bheag, Si Mhor (for mandolin)
celtic waltz, notes of my arrangement for solo mandolin

guitar lessons

CD Eugen Sedko
"The Art of Flamenco Guitar"

traditional flamenco playing by Eugen Sedko


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