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Welcome to my personal web site!
Εβγενθι Ρεδόκξ, Eugen Sedko

My name is Eugén Sedkó. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, I play guitar in flamenco/fusion style, I compose and perform my own music and I am doing arrangements of world music for guitar and mandolin.
I take part in flamenco and fusion concerts. I am also a guitar teacher in Kyiv. On this site you can see my biography, my transcriptions or flamenco guitar video lessons. Besides guitar I am interested in many other ethnic styles of music: lautary (violin and Ukrainian sopilka), hindustani classical rhythms (Indian tabla), celtic and fusion music (mandolin), oriental music (different pipes). Guitarist and leader of Flamenco Fusion Band from Kyiv.

You can find guitar notes and tabs of my music and other arrangements here: my arrangements and transcriptions

This site is my personal space where I put information about my projects, music, videos, etc., in short, all that I consider more or less interesting for people who love music. I hope that here you can find things you are interested in as a music lover.

For me music is not just a set of sounds. It's a reflection of the person's worldview via laws of world's harmony. That harmony rules not only the music, but the whole world itself. Music gives me a lot of ideas for composing. I’m not sure if I can carry my ideas and feelings to the listener the way I mean, but I will always keep trying and search for the new ways of doing it.

CD Eugen Sedko
"The Art of Flamenco Guitar"

traditional flamenco playing by Eugen Sedko


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