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What is your musical education?

My own, self-made. I took lessons from no one, so I naturally spent hours in re-studying things that are now obvious to me. But from the other hand it was a precious experience. I learnt by myself because nobody in Ukraine was teaching flamenco guitar that time. So the only choice I had to study by myself.

Do you read notes?

Yes, I can learn the musical composition from score but I can not perform it from sheet.

Why you prefere to use tabs instead of notes?

Just because I got used to this form of transription. Besides I find it more simple for flamenco music transcription and I am too lazy to colour notes and to arrange flags. Usually I make transcription for my personal use so I don't need flags or other signs as long as I memorized the melody.

Do you play classical music?

Yes, but not very much. Flamenco supposes quite different manner of playing so my style of playing is quite far from classical style.

What languages do you speak?

Ukrainian and Russian are my native languages, I also speak English and Spanish.

How do you promote your music?

I organize concerts in Kiev and put on web pages all information about my music, it is all I can do myself for my own promotion. I have not a manager and I have no experience to promote myself professionally, it is a problem of many musicians.

What is your nationality?

Ukrainian with Gipsy, Romanian and Russian roots.

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CD Eugen Sedko
"The Art of Flamenco Guitar"

traditional flamenco playing by Eugen Sedko


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